KEN FEINGOLD: Figures of Speech; essays by Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Ken Feingold, Errki Huhtamo, Edward Shanken, Ewa Wójtowicz; Laznia Center for Contemporary Art, 2014 available from Laznia directly

Complete PDF catalog with Essays, other works

CV and Bibliography

Brittle Opacity: Ambiguities of the Creative AI by Dejan Grba

Language Art in the Age of Panophonia by Monika Górska-Olesinska

Art Investigating Science: Critical Art as a Meta-discourse of Science by Maciej Ozog

On the Observation of Observation: Media art between the private and public spheres by Salvko Kacunko

Kenneth Feingold, ACE Gallery by Jody Zellen, translated by Aude Tincelin; Art Press 319

Talk to me: getting personal with interactive art by Kathy Cleland

Trouble at the Interface 2.0 by Erkki Huhtamo; NeMe

A Conversation with Ken Feingold by Matthew Gamber; Big Red & Shiny

Talking Heads: Ken Feingold's Artificially Intelligent Sculpture by Nina MaClaughlin; The Boston Phoenix

Talking heads spout `wisdom' by Joanne Silver; Boston Herald

Recent Works and The Subject of Artificial Intelligence by Ken Feingold
commissioned by The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH) Stockholm

Whitney Biennial 2002 by Michael Wilson; frieze magazine:

Whitney Biennial 2002 catalog online

The Interactive Art Gambit by Ken Feingold
courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, äda'web, and Rhizome Internet Tech90s website at the Walker Art Center
text-only version

An Encounter with the Computational Unconscious: Questioning Automatic Drama by Riikka Pelo

Trouble in Truthsville
Ken Feingold in conversation with Coco Fusco and Steve Gallagher, Felix Magazine

The Surprising Spiral : Where Sand and Logic Don't Meet  by Regina Cornwell

Dummies, Dolls, and Robotic Simpletons Interpreting Artificial Stupidity by Margaret Morse

The History of the Interface in Interactive Art   by Söke Dinkla

Seeking Deeper Contact (Interactive Art as Metacommentary)  by Erkki Huhtamo

Resurrecting the Technological Past  by Erkki Huhtamo

The Digital Revolution is a Revolution of Random Access  by Grahame Weinbren

Abstraction Mechanisms in Computer Art by Cumhur Erkut


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