Ken Feingold

Lists of Media and Other Works 1970-2012

Films and Film Installations

original materials held in the Archive of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, for preservation purposes.

Mechanism Film (Supendulum Camera), 2min, 16mm, 1970

Room, 3min, 16mm, 1970

Synapse, 5min, 16mm, 1970 (lost)

After Time, 16min, 16mm, 1971 (lost)

Untitled (Post Street Room), 3min, 16mm 1971

Evidence, 1min, 16mm, 1972

Text and Context, 7 min, 16mm, 1972-73

Reference Text, 3min, 16mm, 1972-73

Neutral Density, 8 min, 16mm,  1973

Comparative Anatomy, 10 min, 16mm, 1974

Local Option, 12min, 16mm, 1974

Subject, 5 min, 16mm, 1974

Four Footnotes to “Subject”,1974 Film Installation with four Super-8 Technicolor Loop projectors and one 16mm loop projector with sound

Tours, 2.5min, S-8 Loop, 1974

Teleology/Telenomy, 2.5min, S-8 Loop, 1974

Four Incidents With Translations, 12 min, 16mm, 1974

With Photos ...”, 9 min, 16mm, 1975

The World Gets a Funny Light this Time of Day, 18min , 16mm, 1976

Hysteria, 30min, 16mm, 1977

For Mr. Foshay
Film Installation, 2 projected 16mm Loops, 1982 (not in Academy archive)


Master or Sub-master copies of most tapes held by Electronic Art Intermix, NY; a smaller subset held for preservation at LIMA, Amsterdam

Speak Falling, 30 min., 1972

Art Gestures, 35 min., 1973-74

Literal Illustration, 8 min., 1975 (may be lost, possibly in Getty Archive, late of Long Beach Museum of Art)

In a Vacuum, 4:30 min., 1975 (may be lost, possibly in Getty Archive, late of Long Beach Museum of Art)

Jumps, 2:30 min., 1975 (may be lost, possibly in Getty Archive, late of Long Beach Museum of Art)

Secret Life, 11 min., 1978

Narrow Jokes, 13 min., 1978

Water Falling From One World to Another, 36 min., 1980

Purely Human Sleep, 28:43 min., 1980/81

Allegory of Oblivion, 168:30, 1981

Caution Deaf Child,30 min., 1981

Relays that Destroy Instants
, 35:15 min., 1981-1983

comprised off

Snakebite, 42 sec., 1983

Scattered Witness, 2:40 min., 1982

Hell, 9:19 min., 1981

Region of Extreme Examples, 8:23 min., 1981

New Building Under the Water, 11:38 min., 1982

5dim/MIND, 29 min., 1983

The Double, 29 min., 1984

Irony (The Abyss of Speech), 28:50, 1985 ; Coproduction of: Contemporary Art Television Fund, WGBH-TV, Boston, The Kitchen, NYC

India Time, 45:54 min., 1985-87

The Smallest Particle, 7:53, 1986/87

In Shadow City 13 min., 1988, collaboration and copyright shared with Constance De Jong. Music: David Behrman.

Life in Exile, Part One: Body, Speech and Mind. Conversations with Tibetan Philosophers, 60 min., 1988/89

Life in Exile, Part Two: Resisting the Chinese Occupation. Personal Accounts of Tibetans, 32 min., 1988/90

Un Chien Délicieux, 18:45 min., recorded: 1986/written, edited: 1991

La Vida es una Herida Absurda, 3min; recorded 1985, written 1989, edited 1995, collaboration and copyright shared with Nora Fisch

Installations, Interactive, and Digital Works

Subject with Four Footnotes, 1975 (Super-8 loop projectors in KF studio)

A.O.O.P.L.C.I.T.V.V.T.M. (An Object or Person Left Cooking is the Virtuoso Violinist Trifling Matter), installation series, 1976-78

Previews of the Modern World, 1978

Shortwave, 1978

Sexual Jokes, 1979

Red Cell, 1979

Time Bomb, 1979

Ride for the 20th Century, 1979-80

Who Do You Love?, 1980

Signs No.s 1-15, installations series, 1980-83

July 24, 1895/Sleeping Room, 1983/1988

The Lost Soul, 1988

The Surprising Spiral, 1991 

Jimmy Charlie Jimmy, 1992

Childhood / Hot & Cold Wars (The Appearance of Nature), 1993

where I can see my house from here so we are, 1991-95

Orpheus, 1996

Interior, 1997

Séance Box no. 1, 1998-1999

Head, 1999-2000

Self Portrait as the Center of the Universe, 1998-2001

Sinking Feeling, 2001

If/Then, 2001

What If? 2001

Pressure to Speak (House of Cards), 2002

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (Virtual), 2002-2003

The Animal, Vegetable, Mineralness of Everything 2004

You 2004

Eros and Thanatos at Sea 2004

Lantern 2005

Eros and Thanatos Falling/Flying 2006

Box of Men 2007

Hell 2013


artintact3 JCJ-Junkman, with essay by Erkki Huhtamo, ZKM Karlsruhe and Cantz Verlag, Karlsruhe, 1996

Orpheus; limited edition, published by Ken Feingold, 1996

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